Use the Remover to extract from one list file the items included into one or more remove-list files (e. g. to exclude some e-mail addresses, stored in separate files, from your basic mailing list).

Sometimes you need to remove e-mail addresses from your mailing lists. The most common example is when you receive messages from some people asking you not to mail them any more. To satisfy their request, prepare a remove-list containing their addresses (e. g. exporting their messages into one file and run this file through the Cleaner with the option “Only strip out addresses preceded by” and the value “From:”). You can use several remove-files at a time. It isn't necessary to merge them because Remover can manage multiple remove-files.

Attention! Please make sure that your basic e-mail addresses list and all the remove-files are standard ListMotor lists (one item per line, sorted, no duplicates). The easiest way to avoid problems is to run the files through the Cleaner.

To solve your problem by the Remover do the following:


Please note that the Remover works with lists of certain single e-mail addresses (the only generalization is the possibility to indicate manually some e-mails). If you need to remove from your list whole types of e-mail addresses, use the Filterer.

Processing result

In the output file you get the list containing the e-mail addresses from your input list with the exception of the ones from your remove-list(s) and those which correspond to the specified domains if you used the option “Also remove addresses in these domains”.

Your input and remove files will remain the same.