The Merger is used to compare two lists in files, find and report matches and differences and merge the lists to obtain one complete list.

The Merger is really useful if you have a basic list of e-mail addresses which you constantly use (let’s call it the Master file) and need to merge it with a newly received list containing some more e-mails. At that some of the e-mail addresses in the newly received list may be already present in your Master-list, so you need to exclude duplicates, if any.

The Merger will compare the two lists and extract from the new list the e-mail addresses which already exist in the Master file and those which are actually new (placing both existing and new e-mails into a separate list file). Then, if necessary, it will update the Master file with the new e-mails, optionally making abackup of the Master.

Thus, to solve the problem of merging two lists, do the following:

Processing results

After the Merger has processed your lists the results will be placed into the specified files in the form of sorted lists, one item per line, no duplicates.

Indicating the output file names please note that if there is no file with the specified name in the specified path, it will be created. If the file with such name already exists in the specified folder, it will be overwritten. At that the backup copy of the file may be created according to the application options (the same refers to any other output file).

The original input file will remain unchanged.

Important note

Please make sure to run the input file through the Cleaner before you process it with the Merger. Otherwise you may get an error message or unwanted and useless result.