The Filterer is designed to withdraw from your lists any unwanted types of addresses or domains according to the options you indicate.

For example, you have a large list of different e-mail addresses but need to extract from it into a separate file only those which belong strictly to France (the .fr domain) and Germany (the .de domain).

To using the Filterer do following:

Please note that the Filterer works with whole types of e-mail addresses. If you need to remove from your list some certain single e-mail addresses, use the Remover.

Processing options

Setting up the Filterer’s processing options you indicate the criteria for the e-mail addresses filtration.

You can specify the options from the lists of major top-level domains and mail services to forbid the Filterer to move e-mail addresses which belong to the indicated options into the output file.

The three options under the “ISP” label (“California ISP”, “Virginia ISP” and “Washington ISP”) allow you to filter out the e-mail addresses residing in California , Virginia , and Washington states. The lists of the domains located in these states are named “california-isp.txt”, “virginia-isp.txt” and “washington-isp.txt” and are situated in the subfolder “Config” of the application’s main folder. You can edit these lists as necessary, but if you add new domain names, please make sure that they are placed into the file according to the alphabetical order.

The following options are also available:

Starts with digit: Check this option to filter out the e-mail addresses which begin with any digit (0 to 9). It is useful if you don't want your lists contain the useless services of e-mail addresses which are usually present in message headers. It’s true that at the same time you may lose some valid e-mails, but these are negligible in comparison with lots of addresses like “” which may overfill your mailing lists.

All foreign domains except these: Check this option if you need to filter out all e-mail addresses which belong to national domains; specify the exceptions if it's necessary (either with a dot or without it; separated by commas or/and spaces). For example, specifying ".fr, .de" in this field you get rid of all domains which do not belong to France and Germany.

If you check this option but do not specify any exceptions, all e-mail addresses belonging to all national domains are filtered out.

Custom criteria: Check this option to specify the word (or several words separated by commas or/and spaces) which make an e-mail address unsuitable for you. The Filterer filters out out all addresses which include any of these words in any position.

For example, if you set this option and write the line “company, info” in the adjacent field, the following addresses are filtered out:


Processing results

The Output file contains the e-mails that satisfy specified options (e. g. only the ones in the domains .fr and .de).

The Rejected file contains all other e-mails from the input file (e. g. only absent in the domains .fr and .de).

The original input file remains unchanged.