Email List Management Software

ListMotor is a powerful and easy to use application for e-mail lists management

About ListMotor

ListMotor operates with input and output data stored in simple text files or csv files, thus ensuring the fastest, most effective and clear results. The amount of data which ListMotor is able to process is limited only by volumes of your hard drives.

To ensure the efficient and high-performance direction of e-mail marketing you need more than e-mail addresses mass/set and a mailing application. ListMotor is the best email list manager, perfect tool for your mailing lists creation, processing and management.

Main Features

ListMotor offers you twelve list management moduls/functions:

Cleaner, to extract items you need (e-mail addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, etc.) from raw data files and process them to get the standard ListMotor lists (that is sorted, one item per line, no duplicates).
Seeder, to include your own address(es) into your outgoing e-mail list the way you specify (e. g. every 50th item, 10 times evenly, etc) in order to your e-mail messages delivery monitor.
Merger, to compare two lists, find and report matches and differences and merge the lists to obtain one complete list.
Counter, to calculate for you some values describing your mailing lists (e. g. number of addresses within domains, etc.)
Remover, to extract from one list file the items included into one or more remove-list files (e. g. to exclude some e-mail addresses, stored in separate files, from your basic mailing list).
Separator, to separate the list of e-mail addresses by domains and then arrange the addresses within domain (sorts, randomizes, etc.).
Filterer, to withdraw from your lists any unwanted types of e-mail addresses according to the options you indicate.
Automater, to make ListMotor work automatically, executing the list management tasks without your help.
Keeper, to thin out your lists leaving only certain types of e-mail addresses according to the options you indicate.
Splitter, to split one big list into several smaller ones according to the options you indicate (e. g. 20 files or 1000 items per file).
Sampler, to produce a sample of a large list according to the options you indicate (e. g. every 10th item, random, etc.).
Utilities, to perform some auxiliary list processing tasks.

If you have thousands of email addresses in multiple lists of your hard drive, then ListMotor will help you to remove all duplicates to make sure people don't receive multiple mailings. You need to honor removal requests, verify email syntax before mailing, removing certain email address types or even keep only certain domains, what about merging multiple lists together, and splitting lists into smaller parts. ListMotor does all these jobs.